Charmaine Kemp - Owner of Wheelie Good Mobility, passes it on!

Everyday during GEW, we’ll be publishing a GEW Pass It On video, in which an entrepreneur or expert will ‘pass on’ their tips to starting or growing a business.

Each video published during GEW will respond to a specific business Need2Know area (Making the leap, Management, Sales, Funding, Expanding).

First up, we have Charmaine Kemp passing on her top tips and experience ahead of GEW 2012.

When I started my business, I had been out of University for about 6 weeks. I had been turned away from employment agencies because I was over-qualified. I thought no - I am going to use the information I gathered at Uni and implement it into a full business - and here we are!”

About Charmaine and Wheelie Good Mobility

The Wheelie Good Mobility webshop has nearly 40,000 items being uploaded in the next few weeks and a new mail-order catalogue featuring the best items from the website for offline readers.

Wheelie Good Mobility grew quickly into a mail-order and website mobility aid company, implementing low pricing strategies, including not having a shop - but by opening thee marketstalls.

I started up my business, Wheelie Good Mobility, after graduating and failing to find employment in 2008. I was quick to realise that the realities of the job market were a little bleak, so my used-mobility scooter business was born through buying a used scooter for my 96-year old grandfather. I helped recondition it with my father for Grandad to him to tell me that it was “for old people and I’m not getting on it. Are you trying to kill me off?” The scooter was sold on Gumtree and a bright lightbulb lit up above me and Dad’s heads. Grandad needed other aids, so I went on the hunt for items in shops and was shocked at the prices for new items, too.”

An undeterred young entrepreneur

I’ve not stopped there - in November, you’ll be seeing the launch of Wheelie Good Sweets - diabetic & specialised confectionery and Wheelie Good Kids - specialising in paediatric mobility aids. I’ve won two Young Entrepreneur awards, first for my glorious county of Kent ( and for the South of England with Shell LiveWire.”

In 2011, Charmaine won The Mall’s Retail Factor competition.

In 2012 she won the Small Business Award at the University of Greenwich Alumni Awards and she is a keynote speaker at this year’s NAIDEX independent living show in Mobility Retail Ethics to OTs and Carers on how to spot and resist sneaky advertising, the legalities of refunds and changing your mind and what to do when you’ve been ‘ripped off’.

She also first got support from The Princes Trust & Kent Foundation and actively support Shell LiveWire’s Young Entrepreneur initiatives.