About the Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship. Each year, it plays a critical role in encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs to consider starting up their own business.

In the UK, the campaign is hosted by Youth Business International, a global network of initiatives that help young entrepreneurs to start their own business, in partnership with Barclays.

We believe that a large national campaign to promote entrepreneurship is a vital part of making the UK more entrepreneurial, to encourage more people to start up their own business.

Our aim is to create a collaborative, local and practical week which enables people to learn more about the wealth of support that is available to entrepreneurs in the UK. 20% of UK adults have heard of Global Entrepreneurship Week and it remains by some margin the nation’s largest entrepreneurship-focused campaign.

2013 - Take a Step Forward

In 2013, Global Entrepreneurship Week took place between 18 - 24 November, and the theme was “Take a Step Forward”.

Here’s a summary of what happened:


  • 347,000 people attended 3,240 events, organised by 633 partner organisations - a 24% increase in participant numbers compared to 2012

  • 78% of participants said that they felt more confident about starting a business or making their business a success

  • 44% of non-entrepreneur participants said that they had gained a new business idea or been inspired

  • 42% of entrepreneur participants said that they had made new contacts to help them in their business

  • The campaign generated 11,565 tweets using the hashtag #GEWfwd, 230,600 Facebook impressions and 862 media articles in the UK, with a total circulation of 137 million.

Read the evaluation report to find out more.