Evaluating the campaign

Let’s prove how entrepreneurial Britain is.

Download the participant survey now!

Our nine question survey is now live! Read the questions here

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a truly amazing campaign and has a life changing effect on the participants because of the fabulous work of partners all around the UK.

Last year Global Entrepreneurship Week touched the lives of 213,000 people around the UK.

That’s fantastic, and we hope that even more people get involved this year. But its even more important to know what impact the campaign has had on these people.

To prove the impact that the campaign has we need to collect data from the week itself.

What are we measuring?

There are hundreds of great outcomes: in 2012 we’re focusing on three.

  • Encouraging non-entrepreneurs to think about starting up.
  • Improving entrepreneurship skills.
  • Enabling access to practical enterprise support.

How are we measuring?

We have a very simple, nine question survey that we want participants to complete during and after Global Entrepreneurship Week. The survey can be completed online - the link will go live on 12 November and you can get it from this page as well as our social media channels.

There are two super-important ‘priority questions’ - see below.

We will do most of the work but we’re asking you to help as much as possible.

There are three different ways to help prove the value of our work:


Encourage your participants to complete our standard questionnaire. The online survey will go live close to Global Entrepreneurship Week.

You can direct as many people as possible to our questionnaire – at your event, and through your own website, your social media, and your PR.

Here is the link we will be using:


Use your own survey, but add in two priority questions for us (see below).

Just send us the anonymous responses after the week via 2012@gew.org.uk


Take all the questions from our survey, use them as a handout at your event, and send us the collated, anonymous responses back via our Survey Monkey form.


Priority Questions:

Here are the the two priority questions:

1.    How many of these statements are true since engaging in the Global Entrepreneurship Week campaign?

  • I am more positive about entrepreneurship / self-employment as a career choice compared to before Global Entrepreneurship Week
  • I feel more confident about starting a business / making my business a success
  • I now understand more about entrepreneurship and/or my own abilities
  • I have developed or acquired new skills
  • I have found support that I haven’t previously accessed / been aware of
  • I have made useful new contacts
  • I passed on my experiences and/or knowledge to others during the campaign

2.    I will now be proactively taking action towards my entrepreneurial goal:

  • Yes
  • No