We’ve put together a great set of resources to help you plan and run your activity. You can access the campaign logo, see our step-by-step guide, look through the Ideas Bank and read our top tips on common challenges like securing sponsorship and getting PR.


Firstly, you’ll be wanting to use the Global Entrepreneurship Week logo to tell everyone that your event is part of a huge global movement.

You can download the logo in a range of formats, below:

JPEG normal: perfect for adding to word documents, emails or your website

JPEG large: if you’re printing something out, you might want to use this one

EPS: if want to use the logo on a large poster etc, then give this one to your designers. Note that you’ll need special software like Adobe Photoshop to open up this one.

JPEG: GEW UK Wales Logo

EPS: GEW UK Wales Logo (please note that you will need special software, such as Adobe Photoshop to open up this file)

Posters & pop-up banner stands

We have created a whole host of materials which you can download and print.

These posters DO NOT have crop marks so you can print them yourself:

These posters DO have crop marks so are best for professional printing or if you are going to trim the posters once printed:

The ‘take a step forward’ poster and banner stands can be displayed at events which are directly helping businesses to start-up or expand. For example at any pop-up advice events or workshops where you want to attract people in off the street.

Web resources

If you want to show your support for the week online, you can use these web banners:

Social Media Guide

To connect with us closer to the time of your event please see our social media guide.


GEW-A3Poster2013-StepForward-bleedcropmarks.pdf414.51 KB
GEW-A3Poster2013-StepForward-nobleed.pdf413.92 KB
GEW-A3Poster-2013-v1-bleedcropmarks.pdf430.03 KB
GEW-A3Poster-2013-v1-nobleed.pdf429.46 KB
GEW-A3Poster-2013-v2-bleedcropmarks.pdf441.81 KB
GEW-A3Poster-2013-v2-nobleed.pdf63.16 KB
GEW-A4Poster2013-StepForward-bleedcropmarks.pdf414.12 KB
GEW-A4Poster2013-StepForward-nobleed.pdf413.54 KB
GEW-A4Poster-2013-v1-bleedcropmarks.pdf429.31 KB
GEW-A4Poster-2013-v1-nobleed.pdf428.72 KB
GEW-A4Poster-2013-v2-bleedcropmarks.pdf440.54 KB
GEW-A4Poster-2013-v2-nobleed.pdf439.93 KB
GEW-Large-Banner-200x80-Generic.pdf442.31 KB
GEW-Large-Banner-200x80-StepForward.pdf416.89 KB
GEW-webbanner-180x150px-2013-StepForward.gif5.89 KB
GEW-webbanner-300x250px-2013-StepForward.gif9.2 KB
GEW-webbanner-IamSupporting-2013-180x150.gif5.71 KB
GEW-webbanner-IamSupporting-2013-300x250.gif9.09 KB
GEW-webbanner-WeareSupporting-2013-180x150.gif1.26 MB
GEW-webbanner-WeareSupporting-2013-300x250.gif9.07 KB
GEW-webbanner-180x150px-2013-StepForward.gif5.89 KB
GEW-webbanner-300x250px-2013-StepForward.gif9.2 KB
A4_social_media_poster_no_cropmarks.pdf417.59 KB
A3_social_media_poster_no_cropmarks.pdf418.67 KB
A3_social_media_poster_cropmarks.pdf419.31 KB
A4_social_media_poster_cropmarks.pdf419 KB
GEW_UK_Welsh.eps1013.93 KB
GEW_UK_Welsh.jpg1.14 MB
GEW_2013_Hold_Up_Poster.pdf400.26 KB
GEW_Hold-Up_Poster_-_with_cropmarks_for_professional_printing.pdf400.81 KB
social_media_event_guide__PDF_2.pdf191.58 KB
GEW_research_release_-_final.pdf60.5 KB
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