Digital tools

We want as many people as possible to know about the great things happening in Global Entrepreneurship Week – online tools are a great way to help!

There is lots of advice below and you can also download our new simple guide to using social media to promote your event.

Get blogging

Running or attending a Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) event? Then write about it on your blog. If you don’t have a blog, you can set one up for free using one of the many available sites such as or

If you write a blog about GEW remember to send us a link. Alternatively, you can write something for our GEW UK blog - just email us at with your idea.

And remember…

  • You can post photos, video or audio clips on a blog which makes it more exciting for people to read.
  • Tag your blog with GEW so people searching for it online will see your blog entry.

Tweet away

We are big fans of Twitter here at YBI and it can be a really great way to get the word out. Twitter is like a web based text messaging service; you can quickly and easily update your contacts with relevant info and your Twitter feed can also be linked to any other social media pages you may have.

And remember…

  • Add the GEW Twibbon to your Twitter account to show your support for the week.
  • Add the Twibbon
  • Follow GEWUK on Twitter.
  • Tag any GEW related content with #GEWPassItOn

Show your face

Facebook, and other similar social networking sites including LinkedIn, provide the perfect channel to promote your GEW activities.

According to Facebook, they have over 400 million active users and the average user has 130 friends. So it would be a big oversight if your organisation didn’t have a public profile on Facebook such as a Fanpage, Events page or Group. It can help you:

  • promote your brand and activities
  • keep in touch with your consumer
  • provide a personal face to your organisation
  • drive people to visit your website

The best part is, each time someone joins or ‘likes’ your Group, Event or Fanpage, they are promoting what you do to their network of friends.

The important thing is to provide engaging content. Who is your target audience? What would they be interested in reading? What would entice them to promote the Group or Fanpage to their network?

It’s who you know

Ask your friends, colleagues and everyone you know to write a blog about Global Entrepreneurship Week. Or tell them all about it by adding Global Entrepreneurship Week to your profile on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Remember to include a link to the Global Entrepreneurship Week site:

Go tag crazy

If you Tweet, write a blog post, post a photo to Flickr or upload a video to YouTube, you can add descriptive “tags” - keywords which help you (and others) to find stuff. Please use the tag #GEWfwd for anything you post if you want to get involved in our conversation. This makes it super-easy for us to find it afterwards.

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