Event: Enerprise Assembly

19 November Yorkshire and the Humber

Enterprise assembly showing the school the recent trailer for the DVD made by Enterprising Education which involved two pupils from our school. Pupils to identify which enterprise skills they have used so far this term.

Event: Global Entrepreneurship Week at Clifton Primary

18 November – 24 November Yorkshire and the Humber

Clifton Primary Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week!

Organisation: Clifton Primary School

Event: A week of assemblies

18 November – 22 November Yorkshire and the Humber

This week we are running a week of assemblies for all year groups to prepare pupils and generate interest for GEW. Form Monday 18th November we will be running events during tutor time for all year groups. For year 7,8 and 11 we will be running the DECA idea challenge 2013. For year 9 and 10 we will be running the Coca Cola enterprise challenge.

Event: KS1/KS2 assembly

6 November Yorkshire and the Humber

We watched a tourism video clip about Hull & discussed what a great city it is to live in. We exchanged personal experiences of positive events/places in Hull. The term 'city plan' was introduced to the children and images were shown of wind farms at sea. The children were challenged to look out for any other signs that Hull was changing and becoming an even better place to live and work. The children were told about GEW & another Enterprise assembly will take place during that week.

Organisation: Paisley Primary School

Event: Business Breakfast at Beverley

6 November Yorkshire and the Humber

With over 5000+ meetings happening each year up and down the country, 4Networking is one of the UK’s biggest networking organisations. Our joined-up network of hundreds of Breakfast, Lunch and Evening groups is organised into 17 regions, each run by a Regional Leader (RL), Area Leader and Group Team.

Come and Join us and to network with like-minded people to help solve your business worries and get that advice you need to help your business flourish.

Breakfast meets £12 Lunch and Evening meets £15

Event: 10,000 Small Businesses, Business Growth Programme Information Event

19 November Yorkshire and the Humber

The 10,000 Small Businesses Programme offers approx 100 hours of practically focused business and management education - designed specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners - by world-class international, national and local experts in entrepreneurial learning.

The programme is designed for leaders of established small businesses and social enterprises, who will benefit from targeted support and resources to help them define and achieve thier business growth aspirations.

Event: Enterprise Assembly

19 November Yorkshire and the Humber

Enterprise Assembly

Organisation: Sydney Smith School

Event: A Very Christmas Fayre

27 November Yorkshire and the Humber

The pupils and students from Reception through to Y14, will be making all things 'Christmassy' during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, to be sold to parents, visitors, invited guests and staff. The Fayre coincides with our Monthly disco increasing the range and numbers of people who will attend the event.

Organisation: Ganton School

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